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That has been my one predominate thought since all the news and protestors began congregating out there. The Anthony’s seem to LIVE in their yard! Does any one else think this and find it strange??? And how long is it going to take before GA and CA EVER get through roping off their small yard and hammering in posts? They actually seem to live outside their garage. It’s not like Cindy has a garden full of flowers to water and take care altho I have seen her watering one plant once. When things got unbearable why didn’t the Anthony’s stay in their damn house except when they had to come out of their garage with their vehicles??? For that matter,why did it take them sooo long to close their garage door when leaving and upon returning. And Cindy seemed to love cussing every one out starting with the media while she was hammering but SHE KEPT ON TALKING TO THOSE MEDIA! Does that make sense to any one? It just shows that the both of them loved the attention…if not,why didn’t they do something common sense about it like NOT finding things to do right outside of those garage doors? If my grandchild were missing and my daughter who was inside the house and she was also a person of interest,you wouldn’t find me outside in my yard like the Anthony’s. I would be grieving myself to death and so depressed and anxious. I don’t see that in the Anthony’s. They apparently like this dog and pony show. And when are they going to complete hammering all those signs down and throwing up crime scene tape? As I said before,that is a very small yard. Surely they could have had friends do that or what is wrong with Lee and any buddies doing that? Even at nightime. I mean,apparently Lee does not work…we do know he sits on his computer to the early hours of the morning playing these violent videos(the one I saw shown where he was asking for help stated there was violence and bad language). What does Lee do all day besides taking his sister to the jail/and or Jose Baez’s office. I thought it was a hoot that supposedly Casey is watching after Jose’ staff’s children altho I find that exceptionally strange that any body would trust her around any body’s children at all. I think it more likely what I read…that she probably is busy fixing scrapbooks with all the news printed about her. I’m sure she had been very pleased at all the photos that have been printed of her…except for the crazy looking pic of her on the Globe magazine cover. She truly looked evil there. And another thing,why wouldn’t the Anthony’s take a polygraph test??? If they are so innocent of every thing,why not do that? Why not Lee take one? Altho that is not admissible in court,it says a lot about a family who have a supposedly beloved grandchild and niece and they decline a polygraph test. I don’t of course think the Anthony’s had any part in killing little Caylee but I think once Casey told them her story yet CA and GA already had smelled that trunk and we all know what it smelled like and they knew that smell,then the cover-up began and this is what I think will take CA and GA down. It’s sad that they would cover up for their skanky,little lying dirtbag of a daughter and would take precedence over their beloved grandaughter who I truly believed they loved and as we know,they were the sole caretakers,financially and in every other way. I think Cindy had to stay on this daughter just to make her take care of her own daughter which was Casey’s responsibility to start with. Yet Casey only saw that as her mother trying to control her life and tell her how to raise her daughter. With a lazy,lying daughter as she had in Casey,CA had no recourse probably to jump Casey about it all the time. I reiterate what I believe Dianne Dimond said on NG Friday night…that the law should have Cindy more out there and questioning her own daughter instead of defending Casey about every solid thing that has

Fox 35 Mobile Web Cam Thread #16 – Page 10 – Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

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